Who Needs an Orlando Courier Service?

There are many big-name delivery services that you can engage to get your packages where they need to go, but those big-name companies aren’t always the fastest or most efficient. Using a local Orlando courier service like Business Express Courier Service can provide a business with speedy delivery, often making it possible to have something transported across town in a matter of hours. Here are some businesses that can take advantage of a local Orlando courier service:

Attorney’s Offices

Law firms in the city use local Orlando courier services quite often to transport documents quickly from the office to the courthouse. Deadlines can mean the difference between a case being dismissed and a case going to court.   Using a same-day courier, especially one that offers a rush or express service, helps attorneys meet those deadlines.

Automotive Industry

Local Orlando courier services play an important part in the automotive industry. They offer fast services for store transfers and part deliveries, and are usually available on nights, weekends and holidays. Drivers are knowledgeable about the various distribution centers and come equipped with the right vehicle to transport everything from auto parts to tires.

Healthcare Industry Professionals

Hospitals and doctor’s offices need supplies delivered quickly, and local Orlando courier services like Business Express Courier Service are able to provide just that. Our services deliver everything from medications and lab specimens to patient related documents and time-sensitive surgical devices. Couriers are able to provide fast service with short notice, making them an essential partner to those in the medical field.

Small Businesses and Industry Professionals

Professionals like architects and engineers trust local Orlando courier services to deliver important documents in a timely manner. Many small businesses also use courier services to avoid the cost associated with creating their own vehicle fleet and delivery staff.

Real Estate

Local Orlando couriers provide comprehensive delivery services to the real estate industry. They can deliver required title searches, deeds and contracts for agents, brokers, title companies, and property managers.  Having a courier service saves time and enables them to focus on important aspects of their business like sales and customer service.

Local Orlando Courier services have something for all business needs, from delivering something as small as an envelope to box trucks and vans for larger loads. Business Express Courier Service even offers warehousing and cross-dock services, so that your shipments can be received and delivered on your schedule.  

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