Delivery Service + Technology = Lower Prices & Better Service 

Technology is one of the main reasons why delivery rates have not increased at the same pace as other service industries. As the delivery market continues to expand, courier services are finding new ways to enhance their service while keeping prices low. Companies like Business Express are focusing on developing a highly trained workforce and the use of technology to achieve these efficiencies. 

Here are a few ways Courier Companies are using technology to keep prices low while improving customer service: 

Having an online service to place orders is something that customers appreciate, and it has never been easier. Clients can place orders online with any computer, tablet or phone, and delivery addresses are stored to make it easy for repeating deliveries. The service menu lets you choose from a variety of service options and you can see the price before placing the order. Other advantages are being able to see when your shipment is picked up and delivered or run activity reports and pay invoices. This advancement in technology improves the customer experience and saves the courier company money. 

Another big technology savings for courier companies is GPS. The transition from map books to GPS guidance has dramatically increased the safety and efficiency of our drivers, and it is the greatest benefit we have gained from technology. Dispatchers can now see where their drivers are in real-time and easily send the delivery information to the driver’s phone. The drivers push a button and they are instantly routed to their next delivery location. In addition to GPS, the drivers use an app to show when shipments are picked up and delivered. This allows the dispatchers and customers to see the progress of the deliveries and obtain proof of delivery. 

In addition to improving customer service, or the operational benefit we get from GPS, courier companies are using technology to assist with their administrative requirements as well. At Business Express, for example, we no longer print mounds of invoices that would need to be folded, stuffed into envelopes, stamped and mailed. Customers now receive their invoices via email, and with electronic signature capture we no longer use paper receipts. At Business Express, most of the cost savings resulting from technology have come from streamlining our processes and reducing labor. That said, we do save a lot of money on paper! All these savings add up and they are passed on to the customer. 

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