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3 Ways an Orlando Courier Service Saves You Money

Whether it’s a large operation or a small one, running a business is never cheap. As a business owner, you’re undoubtedly looking to save on expenses wherever you can. One of the ways you can do this is by looking into hiring a local Orlando courier service for your delivery needs. While the financial benefits aren’t obvious from the onset, the long-term savings to you and your business are absolutely there. Below we’ve provided 3 ways an Orlando courier service saves you money.

Pricing and Flexibility

You may think that the larger shipping companies can offer better rates, but this isn’t always true, especially if you’re shipping larger items. Typically, the larger companies charge much higher prices for items that weigh more, while many courier services don’t consider weight as much when working out pricing. Courier services tend to be more focused on the distance your package needs to travel, not how much the package might weigh, meaning you’ll save money on larger and heavier items that are being shipped close to home. Courier services can also offer more flexibility on rates than the big companies. Some can provide discounts on bulk shipments and will work with you on a one-on-one basis to figure out what services will best fit your company’s needs.

Their Own Fleet

Using a local Orlando courier service eliminates the need for a company to have an in house fleet of vehicles. You won’t need to worry about purchasing vehicles, insuring vehicles, or hiring delivery staff. The drivers in our fleet are trained professionals and are focused on getting the delivery done. You’ll no longer have to worry about reimbursing your employees for mileage or tolls, or an employee taking the long route to a delivery destination to milk the clock. Business Express Courier Service also has a variety of different vehicles in our fleet for your delivery needs. From cars to box trucks, we can accommodate your delivery regardless of package size. All of these add up to savings for your business.


At Business Express Courier Service our drivers have one goal: to make deliveries in a timely and efficient manner. In general, most of your employees probably aren’t trained delivery people and sending one of them out to deliver an important package to a customer or client can lead to a host of problems. What if they get lost and return with the package still in hand? You’ll waste time and resources by sending another employee out to do the job again. What if there’s traffic and your employee is late delivering a time sensitive package? Now you’ve got an angry customer to placate. You’ll have to reimburse those employees for mileage and tolls, regardless of whether they get the delivery done on time or at all. Utilizing a local Orlando courier service to get the job done will eliminate those hassles, saving you time and money.