24-hour Delivery Service – Is it Necessary?

Whether it’s for time-sensitive documents, a critical part or medical equipment for a surgery, these things require a sense of urgency and need to be delivered immediately, sometimes in the middle of the night. We understand getting items like these to your customer at a moment’s notice is crucial. Additionally, not all businesses operate during “normal” business hours that would fit into a standard delivery service hours of operation. For those of us working beyond the 9:00 to 5:00 routine, having a 24-hour delivery service at your disposal can be an invaluable asset to your business.

What are the benefits of using a 24-hour delivery service? Take a look below to see if having a 24-hour service available can help you.

Benefits of 24-hour Delivery Service

Personal Freedom – One of the major benefits of choosing a 24-hour delivery service is the freedom to prepare your deliveries on your time. You’ll be able to proofread and prepare any documents or products, ensuring you have an accurate delivery for your customer regardless of the delivery service schedule.
Affordability – If your business requires a 24-hour delivery service, chances are you’re looking at a local Orlando courier service, like Business Express Courier Services. These services offer more affordable rates for drop-of-a-hat deliveries than national competitors.
Reliability – A local Orlando courier service knows the area and is familiar with traffic patterns and multiple routes. Regardless of possible detours caused by accidents or weather conditions, our drivers are able to perform your delivery in the timeline required.
Timeliness – Getting your package where it needs to go in a timely fashion is imperative when choosing a 24-hour delivery service. Business Express Courier Service has a variety of vehicles in our fleet, from cars and vans to box-trucks, so we can get the job done no matter the size of your shipment. This means that your items can be delivered on time, or when you need them to be delivered.
Personability – All too often you call one of the national delivery companies and you are met with an automated system that can’t answer any of your questions in detail. When you’re speaking with a local Orlando courier service, like Business Express Courier Services, you’ll be able to speak with a real person. We are able to tailor our delivery process to meet your needs and provide you with much-needed peace of mind.

Business Express Courier Services offers 24-hour delivery service around Metro Orlando, throughout Central Florida, and to anywhere in the state of Florida. Please contact us anytime you need prompt reliable service, no matter the hour, we are here for you.